3 Reasons Your Lawn Mower May Not Function Properly After Its Winter Break

Posted on: 27 March 2019

Now that spring has finally arrived, outdoor chores will gradually transition from shoveling snow to mowing the lawn. Unfortunately, many people will discover their lawn mower won't start when they go to use it for the first time of the season. Here is a look at the common things that can go wrong on your lawn mower.

The Battery Is Dead

Like the battery in your vehicle, a lawn mower battery won't last forever; it will eventually need replacement. You can attempt to jump it, but even if you do manage to get it started, if it is near the end of its lifespan, it won't hold the charge for long. A new battery will get you moving again.

Water in the Fuel System

While your lawn mower was sitting in the garage unused over winter, it suffered the same temperature extremes everything and everyone else did. Condensation can occur within the fuel system, and when this happens, water gets into it. When spring comes and you attempt to start your lawn mower, if there is water in the system, it may not start at all. If it does start, it may sputter and spit out smoke, repeatedly dying.

To fix this issue, a lawn mower repair service will drain your lawn mower of any remaining fuel. They will then use an air compressor to blow out the fuel lines and the tank, making certain there is no water left anywhere in the system and that it is completely dry before refueling.

The carburetor will also be removed and inspected for any signs of corrosion. If it doesn't appear corroded, it will be cleaned and put back in place. If it is corroded, however, the carburetor will need to be replaced. Fuel stabilizer will be added, which will lessen the chances of future problems by preventing carburetor buildup.

Fuel Not Reaching the Engine

If you have checked your battery and your lawn mower still won't start at all, it may be that your fuel isn't even reaching the engine. This is commonly due to a malfunctioning fuel filter. The fuel filter can become wet or clogged. To fix this issue, your lawn mower repair service will need to replace the fuel filter. They will also clean or replace the air filter.

To ensure your lawn mower is ready for the lawn mowing season, it is best to bring it in for an annual tune-up. They will change the oil and oil filter, replace the air filter, remove the old spark plug and install a new one, and clean and lubricate the moving parts.


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