5 Things You Didn't Know About Quartz Countertops

Posted on: 12 August 2021

Quartz countertops are a favorite for homeowners as they look classy and attractive. Hence, you may be considering installing these counters in your home. However, you should know some unknown facts about kitchen quartz countertops to understand whether the counters are worthwhile or not. Here are things you didn't know about quartz kitchen counters.

1. The Material Isn't Pure Quartz

The quartz that manufactures kitchen counters is artificial and isn't a natural mineral. A significant portion of the quartz slabs comprises other materials, including glass, marble, and silica. The mixture may have small or large amounts of quartz, depending on the quality of the counter. Ideally, high-quality counters contain more quartz. The remaining composition of the quartz contains resin and polymers. These materials blend to form quartz slabs that resemble natural stone.

2. You should Avoid DIY Installation

If you prefer performing home upgrade projects yourself, quartz countertop installation may be challenging. For instance, quartz is heavy, and transporting and lifting the Material during installation may be difficult. Additionally, you require advanced tools such as the diamond blade to cut the quartz. Unfortunately, you may lack such equipment, and hiring it may be costly. Therefore, hire professionals to install quartz kitchen counters as the specialists have the expertise and required equipment.

3. Quartz Offers Different Colors and Finishes

Ideally, quartz countertops blend resin and various stones, and you can find limitless patterns and colors. Additionally, you can order custom quartz slabs and specify the finish that you need. The manufacturers will know the quantities of stone and resins to blend to get you the desired finish.

4. Quartz Isn't Porous

Commonly, some individuals refer to quartz as quartzite. However, these two materials are different. Quartzite is a porous natural stone. Hence, using quartzite for your kitchen counters means that you'll require a sealant to stop moisture from seeping through the Material. In contrast, quartz is artificial and non-porous. Hence, installing a seal isn't necessary, and the maintenance requirements are low. Additionally, you achieve a uniform color on all your kitchen surfaces.

5. Quartz Is Eco-Friendly

Quartz countertops can help protect the surrounding since quartz contains various recyclable materials such as glass, which would otherwise go to waste. Hence, installing quartz counters can make your home eco-friendly.

Quartz countertops aren't purely made of quartz. Also, the counters are not porous, eco-friendly, come in various finishes and designs, and only require professional installation. These are facts about quartz kitchen tops that you probably didn't know.


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