Give Your Bedroom A Royal Makeover With A Handmade Queen Size Quilt

Posted on: 7 February 2022

If you are looking for an easy way to give your bedroom a makeover, look no further than a beautiful handmade queen-sized quilt. And quilts are not just for country or cottage-themed homes. Handmade quilts can be purchased in a wide variety of colors. patterns, and design styles ranging from charming and old-fashioned to sleek and modern.

Consider the backdrop of the room

You should take your bedroom walls and flooring into consideration when selecting a handmade quilt. If you have white walls and light flooring, you can choose any design or color for your quilt. The white backdrop of the walls and flooring will make the quilt stand out and easily become the focal point of the bedroom.

For walls and flooring in dark shades, try to match at least one of the colors in the quilt to your wall or flooring to complement the room well. If your walls are wallpapered in a printed design, you will want to select a quilt in light or pale colors to provide a pleasing contrast in the room.   

Consider using your quilt as a wall hanging

A queen-sized handmade quilt does not have to be placed on a bed to add a touch of royalty to your bedroom. If you have a large wall, displaying the quilt there turns it into a lovely piece of artwork you can admire at any time. For instance, for a contemporary bedroom, select a handmade quilt in a geometric design to display on the main wall and balance the room out by using an off-white or gray comforter on the bed.

Consider displaying your quilt on a rack

If you prefer an old-fashioned approach to decorating, displaying your handmade quilt on a quilt rack is a good option. Placed at the foot of your bed, it will make a charming accent piece for the bedroom. Placed in a corner of the room, you can create a lovely grouping with your quilt and quilt rack by displaying it beside a large vase of flowers, candles, or other accent pieces.

Imagine being able to transform the look of your bedroom into a beautiful sanctuary in a matter of minutes. When you choose a handmade queen quilt to display on your bed, wall, or on a quilt rack, you will be surprised at the difference it can make. Whether your decorating style is modern or country, handmade quilts will make your bedroom look like royalty. 

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