3 Reasons to Hire a Septic Tank Maintenance Company

Posted on: 20 April 2022

A septic tank is an underground tank used for wastewater treatment. It separates floating materials, such as oils, from the heavy solids present in the wastewater. Septic systems are common in the United States, with approximately 60 million people using them. These tanks are susceptible to damage if not maintained properly and may lead to the spread of diseases, such as hepatitis. Thus, one must hire a good septic tank maintenance company to inspect your septic tank and make the necessary repairs. Here are three reasons you should employ a septic tank maintenance company. 

They Will Inspect the Tank for Leaks

A leaking septic tank gives off a pungent sewage smell. As such, you must hire a septic tank maintenance company that will assess the leakage and make the necessary repairs. These agencies have the required tools and employees to offer these services. Furthermore, they will inspect other parts of the tank to ensure they are working correctly. For example, they will check the baffles used to restrain and redirect wastewater and ensure they are not clogged. These septic tank maintenance agencies will also schedule regular check-ups to detect unidentified leaks. 

They Will Advise You on the Right Bacteria Additive

The septic tank filters the wastewater before it is pumped. The filtration system is based on weight, where solid materials sink to the bottom to release the liquid waste to the leach field. Bacteria are used to break down the remaining solid waste to improve the tank's efficiency. However, it is vulnerable to various solutions, such as soaps. One should add a bacterial additive to aid in the decomposition process. As such, you should hire a septic tank maintenance company that will assess the tank and advise on the best additive. These companies have experience dealing with these additives, making them better poised to recommend you one that suits your septic tank. 

They Will Pump Your Septic Tank

A septic tank must be drained regularly to prevent the sludge from accumulating. Examples of signs that your septic tank is full include slow drains, pools of water around the tank's drain field, odors, and gurgling water. As such, you should hire a septic tank maintenance company to ensure your tank is drained and working efficiently. The company will remove the accumulated sludge to ensure the drainage field is clear, thus restoring the tank's functioning. Additionally, the septic tank maintenance company will clean the tank to eradicate the accumulated sludge that might block it in the future. A good septic tank maintenance company will ensure your tank is clean and all pipes are unclogged.


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