Four Benefits Of A Lighting Control System

Posted on: 22 August 2022

Looking to make your home into a smart home? If so, a great way to dip your toes into home automation is with a lighting control system. Here are some of the things that you can do with a lighting control system, which are not just limited to control over light bulbs. 

Shade Control

A light control system is going to control the light coming in through your windows. This is done by installing motorized shades. These shades are not just connected to a button that brings the shades up and down, but they are part of the whole home automation system. You can set schedules to control when shades open and close automatically so that you can bring in the morning sun when you wake up and close the shades for privacy in the evening. 

Scene Automation 

Sometimes you want multiple lighting elements of your home to operate all at the same time with a simple command. This is possible to do with scenes, which you create based on your needs. You may want a scene for waking up in the morning or late at night when lights will be dim so you are not shocked by the bright light. You can also get creative in places like a home theater, where a command closes the shades, dims the light, and shuts off other lights in the home. 

Remote Controls

A common problem with cheap home automation systems is that they only work with an app. This can make operating your home automation system difficult for guests since they are not going to have access to the app that is on your smartphone. A lighting control system is going to have physical remotes that control the various automated parts of your home. 

Remote controls can include physical remotes that are able to be moved around the room, making it convenient for everyone to use no matter where they are. You can also build these remotes into the walls as if they were a wall switch. It's possible to install a touch screen display that not only gives you control of the room you are in, but other rooms in the house as well. 

Voice Controls

You can also link your lighting control system to a digital assistant. This allows you to give voice commands so that you do not need to control the system with a remote or phone. Just say a programmed phrase and have the lighting control system work how you want it to. 

For more information about lighting controls, such as Lutron lighting control systems, reach out to a local service.


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