Is Your Home's Lawn In Need Of New Grass? 3 Benefits Of Arranging For Residential Sod Delivery Services

Posted on: 26 January 2023

Putting sod down in your landscaping gives you instant results for a beautiful, lush lawn. Yet, there is far more that goes into planning a sod-based landscaping project than simply putting it down. The first thing you'll need to figure out is where to buy the sod and how to get it to your house. Arranging for residential sod delivery services is an option that provides you with several important benefits to consider as you get started planning your project.

Get Premium Quality Sod

If you've never put down sod before, then it helps to know that not all types are the same. In the early spring to summer months, you'll often see sod with unmarked origins stacked outside various home improvement stores. When you order sod from a delivery service, you have the benefit of knowing where it came from. This makes it easier to double-check that the sod is the same type of grass that you want in your yard. Sod that was grown locally will typically also be a better match for the soil that you have on your landscaping. If you're new to sodding, then working with an experienced company can also help you get answers to your questions before the sod arrives at your house.

Save Time On Your Project

Sod product delivery is a major timesaver that could also save you money on your project as well. Having to rent a truck yourself for hauling sod home from a local store can get costly, and you could run into the issue of rental companies not having vehicles available during the height of the landscaping season. If you don't rent a truck, then you could find yourself having to make multiple trips back and forth between the sod supplier and your house. Once you manage to finish picking up all of the sod, you'll still be tasked with unloading it all from your truck. With sod delivery, a truck will show up with all of the materials you ordered and drop them off where you want at the time you arranged. Being able to rely on this service saves you hours and gas as you plan your project.

Protect the Sod From Damage

Sod requires less irrigation and other types of care than seeding. But, this doesn't mean it isn't vulnerable to damage. Sod can easily be damaged before it ever gets put down in your yard, which reduces the chances of it successfully implanting. Sod delivery teams avoid allowing the grass and soil to sit for so long that the blades start to die. Instead, they aim to deliver the freshest sod to your house, and they use precautions such as forklifts to move the sod rather than throwing it around. Arranging for white glove delivery of your sod means that it'll arrive in top condition for optimal growth.

To get started, contact a residential sod delivery service in your area such as Novasack Turf Farms.


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