5 Ways To Accomodate A Home Office In A Tiny House

Posted on: 5 January 2016

Living in a tiny house comes with many sacrifices for space and room when the whole building is only 200 to 400 square feet. A living area can often double as a dining room, bedroom, and a home office. If you're seeking the comforts of an office in a small living space, then there are five options that are ideal for a tiny home. By carefully shopping for pieces of office furniture, you can have the room to work effectively and get tasks completed as needed.

Flip Down Tabletops

A lot of tiny houses feature pieces of furniture that can convert and fold up to save space. One of the easiest pieces to install is a flip down table. With an adjustable bracket, the tabletop can fold up and lay flat against the wall when it's not needed for office use. When the table is flipped down, it can lock into position and offer a stable working environment. Tables are sturdy enough to hold laptops, tablets, calculators, and various files. Along with office work, the same tables can be used for reading, eating, and folding clothes.

Standing Desks

The width of a tiny house makes it hard to fit a full-sized desk and a chair comfortably. One solution to this is a standing desk. A standing desk features a higher table-top area so you can physically stand to use computers, take notes, and complete tasks. Not only can these standing desks help save space in a tiny home, but there are multiple benefits to using them. The desks can reduce metabolic rates, help improve blood flow, and encourage more physical activity. A standing desk can also be paired with a tall stool that takes up less space than a traditional office chair.

Portable Desk Chairs

Instead of having separate desk and chair components, you can have two-in-one with a portable desk chair. The arm of the chair is replaced with an extended desk area that is similar to a traditional school desk. This allows you to move your chair and desk area anywhere inside your tiny house. During nice summer months, you can also bring the chair desk outdoors to work in warm and sunny weather. Some of the more advanced chairs feature desktop designs that move and rotate to different positions. This allows you to sit comfortably and adjust as needed.

In-Wall Cabinets

Get extra space in the office space for your tiny home by having in-wall cabinets installed. These cabinets go directly in the wall of the home without extruding or taking up extra space. The cabinets are ideal for all types of office supplies like pens, pencils, notebooks, and staplers. One small cabinet section can space a lot of space while you giving you room to store all of your essential office supplies. In-wall cabinets are also great for holding electronic office accessories like wall chargers, pencil sharpeners, and printing calculators. These walls should ideally be installed during the first construction of your tiny house, but can easily be added to any current home design.

Tablet Brackets

Work hands-free and save desk space by installing tablet brackets to your home office. By installing a wall bracket, you can easily attach your tablet and have a good viewing angle. By hanging the tablet in the air, your desk space is open and free to take notes, write, or use accessories like wireless keyboards. Brackets are made for multiple-sized tablets. By purchasing an adjustable tablet, you can ensure that your device is mounted securely and works for your office needs. If you primarily use a laptop, then a wall shelving stand can be used to hold the laptop while keeping your desk area open.

When shopping for furniture, it's important to look at measurements and find the smallest options. This will help you get furniture and accessories that can fit nicely inside your small house. For more information, contact a company like Desks, Inc.


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