Apartment Owners: 5 Space-Saving Dining Solutions

Posted on: 6 January 2016

The dining room is one of the most social parts of many American family homes, but the size of the property you live in can make a big difference when it comes to the space available to sit around a table. Mansion owners rarely need to worry, but if you live in a compact apartment where space is a premium, you may need to think more creatively about creating a usable dining space. If you're trying to think about how to make better use of limited apartment space, consider one or more of the following space-friendly dining solutions.

Install a Murphy table

You can make better use of limited space by finding ways to make the room available for different things at different times. A Murphy table is a type of furniture that folds away to make space. Apartment owners have used these items for many years, but contemporary furniture designers now offer some curious and inspiring options.

For example, you can wall-mount some Murphy tables that fold up flat against the wall. When not in use, you can use the underside of the table as a mirror or a picture frame. Some designs even allow two cupboard doors to open and connect up to form a table. Of course, another simpler option is simply to use a folding or collapsible table that you stash in a cupboard when not in use.

Double-duty surfaces

Your apartment may offer opportunities to create versatile spaces where furniture or surfaces double-up and serve multiple purposes. For example, you can transform a good-sized desk into a dining table by clearing away clutter and covering with a high-quality table cloth. Alternatively, some apartments have room for kitchen countertops that can also comfortably accommodate a couple of diners.

Opt for a round table

Traditional dining rooms often feature long, rectangular dining tables that offer plenty of space and a formal seating arrangement that lends itself to a big dinner party. Some experts recommend that you allow between 24 and 38 inches between the table and the wall on all sides, and few apartments offer this amount of room. Fortunately, you can often save space by opting for a round table.

Ergonomically, round tables make better use of space and have a smaller footprint. A round table that comfortably seats four people takes up less space than a square or rectangular option for the same number of people. Round tables don't have square, angular corners that jut into the room either, so they're also often more child-friendly.

Buy expandable furniture

Expandable tables have been popular with American homeowners for many years. Some expandable furniture can increase the capacity significantly for larger dinner parties, while allowing a much smaller footprint when the table isn't in use. What's more, you needn't worry that expandable furniture designers only consider traditional tastes. Contemporary designers now also offer plenty of choices for this type of furniture in bright, modern colors and styles. You can even buy coffee tables that you can expand to use for three or four diners.

Change the menu

If you're really stuck for space, you may want to consider different ways to eat socially. A three-course meal may appeal to your inner culinary genius, but if you haven't got room to comfortably seat friends and family members for a lengthy meal, you should probably opt for a different menu. Cocktails and finger food are often just as popular as more formal meals, and you don't need to create dedicated dining spaces to accommodate everyone while they eat and drink. What's more, you can also free up your furniture budget to spend on that cool new sofa you've had your eye on!

Apartment owners must often think carefully about how to make space for their furniture and possessions. Talk to a contemporary furniture supplier or visit a site like http://www.mh2g.com/ for more ideas about ways you can create more space-friendly dining solutions in your apartment.


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