Teens And Abusive Exes: How Can You Protect Your Loved One and Home From Harm?

Posted on: 29 April 2016

If your teen becomes the target of an angry or abusive ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, you may want to do all you can to protect your loved one from that person. If the abusive ex threatens to break and enter your home to antagonize or harm your teen, contact a locksmith for services. A locksmith may offer a number of security systems to keep your loved one and home safe from the intruder, including security locks and camera systems. Here are things to know about teen abuse and how a locksmith can help secure your home.

How Dangerous Is Teen Abuse?

According to sources, over million teens are physically abused in the United States. Many of the teens also experience emotional, mental and sexual abuse at the hands of a dating partner, such as a boyfriend or girlfriend. In a number of cases, the violence goes unreported by the abused individuals because they don't consider the problems as abuse or recognize the signs of abuse. Other victims may want to report the abuse but fear the consequences if they do.

The abusers often threaten to make things worse for the victims if they tell a parent, teacher or someone else of authority about the abuse. If the victims do tell someone, the physical violence may escalate. For instance, an abuser may go from slapping their victim to kicking and punching them. Your teen's abuser may also stalk them when they leave and return home from school, after a school job or after school sports.

If your loved one experienced the problem above because they reported the abuse, it's critical that you take steps to protect them from further harm. One of the things you can do is secure your home with the right locks and security cameras.

What Security Features Should You Ask a Locksmith About?

Although it doesn't happen with every case, an abuser may stalk a victim to find out when the person is alone. If you work hours that don't allow you to take your teen to school, the abuser may attempt to break into the home to threaten or harm your loved one. The abuser may hide somewhere on the property and approach your teen as they leave the home. A locksmith can install security cameras in the home that pick up images from all angles of the property, including the backyard and street, which may help your teen see the perpetrator before they leave the house. It may give your teen a chance to alert the proper authorities about the abuser.

You may also wish to install new locks on your home that require a passcode and voice code to enter. The voice commands may allow your teen to enter and secure the home as quickly as they can without stopping to input a numerical code to open the door. Your teen should know and memorize both types of codes as soon as you install the system. 

Also, consider asking a locksmith for information about home-monitoring services. A home-monitoring service generally watches over your home at all times of the day and night through a wireless network. A wireless system eliminates the dangers of the abuser, or anyone else, from cutting, manipulating or changing the cameras and other features. 

You may choose to connect your cameras to the service for added security measures. If the cameras pick up strange behavior, such as a shadowy figure lurking around the home's windows, the technology may alert the monitoring service about it. The service contractors will often contact the local police and report the incident. It may be possible to connect the monitoring service and camera system to your personal cell phone, which may allow you to stay in touch with your teen and home.

If you want to learn more about protecting your loved one from teen abuse and the consequences it causes, contact a locksmith in your area today, such as Top Security Locksmiths.


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