Four Suggestions For RV Awning Care

Posted on: 7 December 2017

RV awnings are needed to block out rain and strong sun rays and enhance your enjoyment of the recreational vehicle experience. However, because they don't seem to require as much focus or maintenance as other parts of the RV, you may ignore them. However, without attention, they can get ripped, function poorly and need replacement or extensive repairs. Preserve them with these awning care pointers:

Don't Overclean

Your awnings are unlikely to get some of the tough stains that your rugs may get, so don't make a mistaken and scrub them as if your life depends on it. In fact, be as gentle as you can. If you have awnings made from vinyl, vigorous scrubbing can even rub away their coating. Gentle dishwashing soap and lukewarm water mixed together and worked with a sponge or brush is fine. Allow them to dry before rolling them up; if you roll them prematurely, mildew or mold is not an unlikely sight when you unroll them again.

Stabilize Them

It may seem that the awnings are at the mercy of every breeze and heavy gale. Winds can cause unsightly tears, so taking measures to keep them static and in place with rope should be taken. However, avoid puncturing them to tie a string or rope to the edges; instead, get a stabilizing kit. These kits contain rope and metal anchors to stop the awning from being blown in every direction when they're unfurled and extended.

Use Clamps

Even if you use stabilizing kits, remember that the part of the awnings near the rails need help too. The beads that hold the awnings on the metal rails themselves need to be kept intact and in their place, and plastic clamps, while small, can provide reinforcement for those beads so that the awning won't be ripped from the metal rails.

Pull Down a Corner in Rain

Forgetting about the awnings in the rain isn't uncommon, but if the awning is out, water can settle on its surface until it rips. Not only that, but the weight of rainwater can bend the railing. To prevent that, leave a single corner dipped or pulled down so draining becomes possible.

Damage isn't likely if you're able to observe these awning suggestions. Keep them dry, clean, intact and protected, so they last with the recreational vehicle for years. Locate awning repair shops before anything happens so you can place calls quickly in the event of tears or other problems. Contact a company like Lockhart Gene & Son Canvas Awnings for more information and assistance. 


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