Pros And Cons Of Facing Workstations In Your Home Office

Posted on: 29 May 2018

If you're setting up workstations in your home office for a small group of staff, you'll need to think of how you want to lay out the room before you buy the furniture you'll use. Many offices today use open-concept designs, which offer a number of benefits for the staff and the general team-first attitude that you hope to achieve. One popular workstation choice is open-concept offices consists of facing workstations — that is, two desks that face each other and don't have a partition between them. Here are some pros and cons of this setup to think about.

Pro: Creates Connection

When your employees are each in their own cubicles, they're isolated to a degree. A cubicle setup doesn't foster a connection between those who work in your office, and this can be detrimental in a number of ways. When you provide workstations that face each other, your employees will feel more like a team. This close-quarters environment can turn ordinary colleagues into friends and make them enjoy working together even more.

Con: Potential For Distractions

One potential challenge with facing workstations is that your employees may distract each other. The distraction could be inadvertent; someone may simply start watching the other person type of listen to him or her speak on the phone. In other cases, the two employees may be too sociable, talking or whispering to each other throughout the workday.

Pro: Effective For Infrastructure

Facing workstations makes a lot of sense for your office infrastructure. For example, if you have power outlets that come out of the floor, you can set the workstations up over the outlets so that both employees can use them. Additionally, you may be able to have shared resources at each double workstation — for example, you could have one overhead light that illuminates both desks, rather than having the two desks apart and needing two lights.

Con: Lack Of Privacy

Not every type of company lends itself well to this setup. If you have employees who are working on matters of a sensitive nature, it might not be appropriate for their peers to hear them speaking on the phone, for example. Additionally, some employees may not appreciate the lack of privacy when it comes to taking calls from loved ones when on breaks. Once you've pondered the pros and cons of facing workstations, you can then move forward with either setting the office up in this manner or choosing a different layout.

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