4 Water Damage Restoration Tips To Help Save The Things That Mean The Most To You

Posted on: 10 October 2018

Dealing with water damage to your home can be a stressful situation. There are cleaning and repairs that need to be done. Through the process, you may want to save some of the things that mean the most to you, such as collectibles, documents, and family photos. You may want to save any electronics if you can. Here are some tips to help you save the things that mean the most to you when doing water damage restorations.

1. Saving Collectibles During Water Damage Restorations

When it is called the damage to your homecoming then maybe collectible materials that you want to save. The first and saving collectible materials when cleaning up water damage is cleaning them and allowing them to dry. Use damp and dry rags to clean collectibles and set them to dry before attempting to do in the restoration. Sometimes, cleaning the items and allowing them to dry is the best that you can do.

2. Dealing With Damage to Family Photos After A Flood

When your home has been flooded, family photos may have been damaged by the rising waters. To restore photos, use a dry rag to wipe off settlements and water from the photos. After you have cleaned the photos, you can use a book press to press them back to shape. Make sure that you allow photos to dry before you attempt to press them or make digital copies of them for the purpose of further restoration.

3. Saving Carpet, Rugs, and Flooring Materials That Were Underwater

There are many flooring materials that you may want to save after water damage. Carpet cleaning services can help with the restoration of rugs and carpets to restore your flopping after a flood. There are other flooring materials like wood floors that need to be restored, the surface of the wood can be stripped, and floors can be stained and finished for a new look. If you want to save carpets or rugs after a flood, it is important that you remove them immediately and allow them to drive to prevent further damage to the materials.

4. Restoring Electronics That Have Been Damaged by Water

You may also want to restore old electronics that have been damaged by water. With any electronic devices or appliances, it is important that you remove them from damp and moist areas as soon as possible. Take electronics apart and clean them with alcohol to attempt to restore them and use them again. With electronics, the sooner you get them out of the water and begin cleaning them, the more successful you will be with restoring them.

These are some tips to help save the things that mean the most to you when doing water damage restorations. If you need help with repairs and restorations, contact a carpet cleaning service like Bravo Cleaning & Restoration for help with restoring rugs and carpets that have been removed from your home. 


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