How To Protect Your Air Conditioner Against Winter Storms

Posted on: 3 October 2019

Autumn is here, and with that, temperatures will begin to fall. And with that, the use of your air conditioner may be behind you until next summer. However, while your ac unit may no longer need to be used, there are steps that you should take to keep it safe during the winter months, particularly ensuring it is safe from winter storms. Here are some of the ways you can protect your air conditioner against brutal winter weather. 

Secure Your Air Conditioner Condenser

Your air conditioner condenser is one of the most important parts of your air conditioning unit. It is responsible for cooling the air that is blown through the unit. Unfortunately, strong wind gusts can knock the condenser unit over, which can be damaging to it. You can purchase air conditioning tie-down kits online or from home improvement stores, or you can hire an air conditioning repair company to secure the condenser in place, ensuring it is safe despite strong wind gusts. 

Trim Back Bushes and Trees

Another tip to help keep your air conditioning unit safe during the winter months is to trim back your trees and bushes. You want to trim back any limbs that hang over the air conditioning unit and trim bushes back, so there is a two foot clearance around all sides of the unit. Tree limbs that hang over the unit can break or snap during winter storms, and fall, hitting your unit. Debris, such as leaves, can make their way into the unit, clogging hoses and filters. Trim back debris before winter hits. 

Consider an HVAC or Air Conditioner Surge Protector

Surge protectors help to protect anything that is plugged in against electrical surges, particularly those that occur when power is restored after having been out. There are HVAC or air conditioner surge protectors you can purchase to protect your air conditioning unit against such surges if winter storms cause power outages. 

Cover the Air Conditioner 

Lastly, consider purchasing an air conditioner cover and covering your unit. This helps to protect your unit against outdoor debris, excessive water exposure, and protect against ice forming on the unit. 

Winter can be harsh on your air conditioning unit. However, taking the right steps can help to ensure that your unit stays in good shape and that winter storms are not damaging to your unit. If your unit has sustained damage, you will want to contact an air conditioning repair company to help assess the damage and determine whether repairs are needed or whether your air conditioning unit should be replaced.


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