Have A Single Bathroom? Change Its Design To Accommodate More People

Posted on: 30 December 2019

When you initially moved into your home, you may have only moved in as a family of two or three, which can help you avoid most complications with having a single bathroom. If your family has grown over the years, you may find that this limitation is leading to problems regularly.

Moving out or building another bathroom in your home are two possible solutions, but you may not be interested in either of them. In this situation, you should utilize bathroom remodeling in which you change the whole design of the room to provide more functionality for your family.


It may not take much time or effort to determine that one of the things you are lacking in the bathroom is storage space. Accommodating the bathroom needs for an entire household as well as the occasional guest inside a single bathroom is not an easy thing to accomplish. Without ample storage space, you may resort to storing items in nearby closets or inside bedrooms.

When you want to make it so that everyone used in the bathroom is stored there, you should work with bathroom remodeling professionals to increase the storage capacity. One way that you can accomplish this task is by investing in built-in shelving all around the bathroom.


While looking at the mirror inside the bathroom, you should determine whether several people will be able to use it at the same time. This is something that you want to make sure is possible because it will encourage multiple family members to go into the bathroom at one time.

For instance, instead of taking turns to do simple tasks such as brushing your teeth and washing your face, you can do it at the same time as another family member. If you want to get even more functionality out of adding an extra mirror or replacing the existing one with a bigger size, you should include additional storage behind the mirror by getting a medicine cabinet as well.


Separating different functions in the bathroom is an effective way to get several people to use the space at once. In this case, you cannot go wrong with putting the toilet behind a door so that the vanity is in a separate space where your family can wash their hands or brush their teeth.

Making design changes is a great way to accommodate more people in your only bathroom. To learn more, contact a bathroom design service in your area.


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