Tips For Buying A Full Mattress With Your Partner

Posted on: 16 March 2020

When you are shopping for a full-size mattress for both you and your partner, arriving at just the right choice can be tough. Your partner may desire one firmness, while you desire another. You might want a pillow top, and they might want memory foam. Is this an impossible task? Not at all! Couples successfully buy full mattresses to share all the time, and you can, too, by following these tips.

Measure Your Space

Many people have misconceptions as to how large mattresses actually are. You might think you need a full, while really a queen would fit nicely in your room. Measure your room before you go mattress shopping so you don't come home with the wrong size. A queen can feel like a lot of extra space, so if you can fit a queen, you might want to go for it — although you will typically pay more for a queen mattress than for a full.

Lie on Beds Separately

You should definitely visit a mattress store in person to shop for a bed. It's too hard to know what a mattress feels like without lying on it yourself. Try beds separately from your partner. You should each lie on a bunch of them, and note the top five you would feel comfortable in. Afterward, you can compare lists. Is there a bed you both chose for your top 5? It looks like that's the one for you!

Laying on beds separately is better than trying them out at the same time. When you try beds together, you're more likely to have your opinion swayed by your partner's opinion. For example, you might initially like a bed, but upon realizing that your partner also likes it, change your answer because you have it in your head that the two of you have different preferences. Trying beds separately eliminates this concern.

Be open to split-side mattresses.

If you try a bunch of mattresses and truly cannot find one you both like, then you may want to have one custom-made for you. The bed can be designed with one firmer side and one softer side so that you both have your own preferred sleeping space. Not all mattress companies offer this service, but if you and your partner have very different mattress preferences, it's worth finding a store that does.

Shopping for a full mattress with a partner is not always easy, but with the tips above, you'll make it through!

To learn more, contact a supplier that offers full mattresses.


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