Buying Granite Countertops? Follow These Tips for Selecting the Right Slab

Posted on: 17 August 2020

Have you weighed all the pros and cons of different countertop material and finally decided on granite? The next step in the process is to pick out the actual slab of granite that you want to use. Granite is not a man-made material, and every slab of granite has its own variations that make it unique. This means you can't exactly pick it out from a catalog since you have to pick out the actual slabs of granite that you want to use. Here are some tips for picking out the right slab of granite. 

Don't Trust the Sample

Many people start the process by narrowing down their color based on a variety of samples of available slabs of granite. While these samples are a great way to narrow down the type of color that you want, you shouldn't make decisions based on that tiny sample of granite. Each slab can have a variety of colors and a variety of patterns. When you see a sample of granite, it may be a portion of something that looks much different. That's why it is worth looking at the entire slab of granite and not exclude it based on the sample alone.

Consider Your Total Square Footage of Countertops

Many slabs of granite will come in multiple slabs that are all similar in color and texture. However, there are also smaller batches of leftover granite that you should not ignore. It helps to know what your total square footage of countertops will be so you know if you can look through those smaller batches of granite. Just make sure that you do not fall in love with a style of granite and then realize that there is not enough of it for your home.

Look for Consistency

If you are going to need multiple slabs for your granite countertops, make sure that you look at each slab that will be needed for consistency. You may love the texture of a particular piece of granite but discover that it is very unique to the granite that is facing outward that you can see. Before you purchase multiple slabs of granite, always ask to see each slab so that you can look for signs of consistency between the slabs. You do not want to get into a situation where you notice that there are undesired variations in the granite after it has been installed in your home. 


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