Why Winter Can Be Hard On Your Gutters And Repairs Your Gutters Might Need In The Spring

Posted on: 10 November 2020

Winter ice and snow are often hard on gutters, and you might need to have repairs done during the winter or as soon as the weather warms up in the spring. Here's a look at why winter is rough on your home's gutters and some repairs you might need to have done after a bad winter.

How Ice And Snow Damage Gutters

It's good to start the winter season off with clean troughs. Once the leaves have fallen from the trees, clean out your gutter system so you have fewer problems when the weather freezes. However, clean gutters can develop problems in the winter too, so stay alert for trouble, and call a gutter company for help when needed.

When snow and ice accumulate on the roof and gutters, the extra weight can shift the position of the troughs. If the troughs aren't positioned at the right angle, rain and melted snow can't roll toward the downspout. Instead, the water stays in the trough and then may freeze and create an ice block that causes further clogging.

If the weight of the ice is heavy enough, the gutters might fall off your house or be damaged in some other way. When your gutters are damaged, it's best to have them repaired right away, but there could be a delay if the gutter company can't do the work due to bad weather.

Repairs Your Gutters Might Need

If you can't get your gutters repaired or replaced in the winter, you'll want to do so before the rains start in the spring. If a long trough was twisted and torn off by heavy snow and ice sliding off the roof, the gutter company may recommend replacing the trough. If your gutters are old, you may want to replace your entire gutter system at the same time.

If your gutters were punctured, the company may patch and seal the hole. If metal gutters were scratched, the company may seal the scratches so they don't start to rust. The gutter company will also test the troughs to make sure they're draining properly, and if not, the company will reposition them to the right slope. This may require replacing hangers or tightening hangers so the gutters stay in place.

If you've had frequent problems with ice in your gutters or if you've had to repair expensive damage due to ice, talk to the gutter company about putting a heating cable in your gutter troughs. The cable heats the gutters so the ice melts and drains away. The cable doesn't put out heat all the time, so you have to remember to turn it on before snow falls and ice forms.

For more information, contact a gutter company today.


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